BCS on The Morning News

DBAP at sunset

Photo by Kate Joyce.

Today on the online magazine The Morning News, a Q&A with Sam Stephenson and a beautiful gallery featuring photography by our contributors.

TMN: What do the Bulls mean to Durham?

SS: A lot. Durham Bulls Athletic Park is one of the few places where every demographic within a 30-mile radius is represented. Plus, as Durham becomes more and more of a gentrified hipster haven, the Bulls are a presence with links back to a time when Reverend Gary Davis and Blind Boy Fuller were playing Piedmont blues for tips during shift changes at the tobacco markets, only a block or two from the existing stadium.

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One Comment on “BCS on The Morning News

  1. I love Bull City Summer and look forward to the completed project.

    Don’t miss talking to the manual scoreboard operator. I have it on good authority that he is a character. His name is Chris Ivy and you can find him behind the scoreboard at every home game.

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