New BCS Piece in Paris Review Daily Series Posted Today

Wool E. Bull. Wet plate tintype by Leah Sobsey/Tim Telkamp.

Wool E. Bull. Wet plate tintype by Leah Sobsey/Tim Telkamp.

Our seventh piece in the Paris Review series was posted today, written by Adam Sobsey, with photographs by Leah Sobsey/Tim Telkamp, Kate Joyce, and Ivan Weiss.

“Not really about baseball”: we’ve adhered pretty well so far to this watchword of our Bull City Summer documentary project, but cultivating indifference has been hard for me. I really care about baseball, and I watch the games closely. Still, I’ve made a season-long effort to notice the surroundings in a rather moony way—trying to soak up the ambient energy in the ballpark, its sheer quality and quantity.

That energy rises and falls throughout the game, but it does so unevenly and unpredictably, not always (in fact, usually not) in step with the action on the field. The video board command to MAKE SOME NOISE!, in huge, undulating letters, can whip the crowd into a lather, as can a Bulls home run, but these exclamatory moments have a short life span. As soon as the words leave the screen, as soon as the next pitch is thrown, the energy reverts, subject to its own mysterious forces.

Read the full piece here.

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