4 Clever Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

There are many ways to engage visitors in your exhibition stand, but not all are obvious. Listed below are some ideas for engaging visitors. Gamification, Fabrics, Games, and more will all increase the attention of your visitors and drive more traffic to your stand. Not sure what to do? Check out our lead capture guide for some ideas. And remember to use a combination of all three! We hope you’ll find the tips in this guide useful.


Using gamification can boost footfall and enhance the visitor experience by adding fun and entertainment. Games and activities that offer visitors a challenge or reward system will help to increase brand recall, engage them and make their experience more memorable. In addition, games and activities can highlight the company’s products and services and make a stand more engaging. Using the latest digital technology, it’s now easy to create games around a company’s core product or brand. Exhibitors don’t have to spend a fortune to bring new life to their exhibition stand.


Exhibitors are increasingly turning to fabric display stands for their stalls, as they are a versatile, lightweight option that allows for easy transport and storage. Fabric display stands can be printed double-sided at no additional charge, making them a perfect choice for any company branding or design. Despite their lightweight construction, fabric stands are strong enough to withstand high traffic and can be used for multiple purposes.


Exhibitors who use curtains to spruce up their exhibition stands tend to attract more attention from other people. Besides making your stand appear larger, they also increase the visibility of promotional materials such as your show logo. The more people see your promotional material, the more likely they will visit your stand. And if they see your stand, they are more likely to buy your product or service.


One of the best ways to draw more visitors to your exhibition stand is to introduce new ideas to your stand. Incorporating interactive elements like games and five-minute conversations can keep potential clients engaged for longer, leading to better conversions. Introducing new technologies can also help you to attract more visitors. Bringing virtual reality equipment to your stand is fun to attract people, but make sure to keep it low-cost.

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