A Comprehensive Guide to Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

Before you create your stand, it’s a good idea to consider the nature of the exhibition. Are you attending a corporate or a laidback one? Then a child-like stand will not impress passers-by. Choosing your exhibition stand design is an art form, so don’t copy your competitors. Instead, tie in with the organization. Some trade shows are corporate, and a relaxed stand will impress attendees. Hiring exhibition stand manufacturers in Dubai could be the right decision for your exhibition.

Use animated displays:

There are many ways to incorporate animated displays as part of your exhibition stand design. Animated displays are an excellent way to engage with potential customers on a two-way basis. They can be downloaded as apps to encourage visitors to download them. Other options for interactive displays include scoreboards, which encourage competition between visitors. In addition to the visual elements of your stand, structural drawings and design calculations are critical to your stand’s success.

Use clever lighting:

For a creative yet budget-friendly exhibition stand, use clever lighting. Colorful LEDs can transform the entire look of your stand. Retro neon signs, strings of festoon lights, and giant light bulb letters are great examples of clever lighting. Or, go low-key with centerpiece lighting. A picture or standing lamp can create a welcoming atmosphere. LEDs can be placed strategically to draw attention to specific features of your stand.

Interlocking cardboard segments:

An interlocking cardboard segment exhibit stand is a creative way to add height and dimensions to a booth. This display style is buildable and portable, and it is an excellent choice for a green-conscious company or brand. In addition to being an exhibition stand, cardboard can also be used as seating in events or for quirky event furniture. For more information about cardboard and exhibition stands, visit this website.

Virtual reality:

One way to make your virtual reality exhibition stand a hit is to include live-streaming screens. These enable visitors to experience the business’ products and services without physically visiting them. This also helps break down the barrier of the unknown – something that can be a barrier to any new technology. By adding branded graphics to your virtual reality booth, you can create a highly engaging experience that can attract visitors through word of mouth.

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