A Few Art Printing Ideas for Beginners

For art printing beginners, there are many techniques you can use that are recommended by the providers of managed print services in Dubai. There are paper batiks, stencils, and Acrylic gel transfer, to name a few. Here are a few tips to get you started. Some of these methods can be challenging, so start small. You can use several methods, from paper batik to finger painting. Depending on the materials you use, you can even make your own.


Styrofoam for art printing is a simple technique that requires only a few materials. With this method, you can create countless prints using the same template. Before you get started, you should know what materials you need. First, draw your design on paper. Next, draw your design backward. If you don’t have any design, you can also trace your design using a chopstick or a pointy end of a paintbrush.


You need to draw your design on the surface before carving with your tools to print on linoleum. Your design should be simple and not too detailed. Anatomical or animal shapes look great, and you can practice carving while sketching your design. Remember, the carved area will not be visible on the printed image. Also, keep in mind that the linocut will be printed backward, so be sure to place the linoleum block on a non-skid shelf liner or bench hook.


Stencils are a great way to create your art prints without a press. You can use simple stencils, such as ripped paper, or more complex ones. In this case, each color would be a separate stencil so that the finished print would be perfectly lined up. To get a hold of these stencils, you can sign up for an interest list on their website. You will then be provided with a password that you can use to access the stencils.

Acrylic gel transfer:

If you want to make your artwork, acrylic gel transfer is an ideal medium to experiment with. This thin and flexible medium is ideal for many crafts, including jewelry, light installations, and lightboxes. Beginners can even use this medium to make small craft projects, such as bracelets and necklaces. Here are a few tips for beginners:

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