Ingredients Used in Lice Removal Shampoos

Before you use any lice removal shampoo, you should understand how it works. It’s essential to use a treatment to kill lice without damaging your hair. Some of the ingredients you should use include olive oil, Benzyl alcohol, and petroleum jelly. Read on for more information. Once you have identified the ingredients that are not suitable for your hair, you should use a product made from those ingredients. Then, wait for at least 10 minutes before washing it out.

Benzyl alcohol:

Benzyl alcohol is a colorless liquid with a strong burning taste. It is used in several pharmaceutical products, including lice removal shampoo. It is also an anesthetic and is commonly used in manufacturing other benzyl compounds. This substance is also used in lice removal lotions. This substance is used to kill lice and their eggs and is available in many brands and under different brand names, including Ulesfia. However, be aware that this ingredient is unsuitable for everyone and may have adverse side effects and interact with other drugs.

Olive oil:

Among the most popular ingredients in lice, shampoo is olive oil. This oil suffocates lice and their eggs. It is best to repeat this treatment several days later, as it is unlikely to work on a single infestation. After applying the olive oil, you can buy a lice prevention spray containing permethrin if you still find lice after applying the olive oil. You must comb your hair well to ensure the oil is thoroughly removed from your head.

Benzyl alcohol lotion:

Benzyl alcohol is an ingredient in lice removal shampoos and can kill the eggs on your child’s scalp. To remove lice, apply this lotion to the scalp and hair. You must repeat the treatment every nine to ten days. Benzyl alcohol is non-neurotoxic and is effective in killing head lice. It is made from a naturally occurring bacterium found in soil.


Spinosad is an insecticide commonly used as a lice treatment. This topical medication is applied to the scalp and hair. If live lice are still visible after seven days, the treatment should be repeated. This treatment is not recommended for infants and children under six months. Patients should contact their doctor if they are concerned about the side effects of spinosad. This product may also interact with some other medications.

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