The Different Physiotherapy Treatments for Lower Back Pain

The benefits of physiotherapy for low backache are numerous. First, you may have less pain and require fewer pharmaceutical medications. Movement and rehabilitative exercise are key to easing back pain and reducing the need for pharmaceutical medications. Dubai physiotherapy clinic can also recommend a specific rehabilitation program, such as clinical Pilates or a gym program. Ultimately, a physiotherapist can help you find the right exercise regimen for your individual needs.

Physiotherapy relieves chronic low back pain

Physiotherapy is a highly effective treatment option for people with chronic low back pain. Physical therapists are trained to help patients recover from injuries or surgeries and improve their mobility. In addition to regaining mobility, physical therapists educate patients on how to care for their back and reduce their risk of developing pain. For example, physical therapists can teach patients proper lifting techniques and recommend an exercise regimen to reduce the risk of injury.

Exercise therapy reduces pain in chronic low back pain

Researchers have recently published a review of the effects of exercise therapy on the management of chronic low back pain. They found that, on average, exercise therapy reduced pain and functional limitations by 15 points compared with no treatment, and decreased disability and pain over the long term. However, these effects are not statistically significant compared to placebo, nor are they clear-cut across subgroups of patients. Nevertheless, these results suggest that exercise therapy is beneficial for low back pain, which is why it is the first choice of treatment for many patients.

Yoga may be an adjunctive treatment for low back pain

Several types of yoga are helpful in the treatment of low back pain. These include postures that stretch and strengthen the muscles of the back and spine, such as the paraspinal muscles and the transverse abdominis, which support the vertebrae. The slow movements of yoga may help to alleviate emotional aspects of back pain. Proper breathing may help to relieve the anxiety that often accompanies back pain.

MRI can diagnose low back pain

An MRI is not the only way to diagnose low back pain. It can also show other conditions, such as nerve damage. The cost of an MRI can be very expensive, and some health insurance plans may only cover part of the cost. MRIs also reveal problems other than low back pain, leading to additional tests. Therefore, MRIs are not the only way to diagnose low back pain, but they can be a useful tool in the diagnosis process.

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