Things to Consider Before Using Cloud Solutions

When considering moving to the Cloud solutions in Dubai, small to midsize companies should consider several things before committing to cloud computing. Many projects start without clear business objectives. A business sponsor must agree with the implementation team that specifies the project’s scope, timing, phases, and expected results. Without an agreed-upon scope and goals, a project is likely to fail before starting. The following are some things to consider before using cloud solutions:


When it comes to cloud computing, it’s essential to evaluate the performance of cloud solutions. Performance evaluation is vital to both service providers and consumers. Below are some of the most important performance metrics to look for in cloud-based solutions. Performance monitoring is vital in maintaining service level agreements and scaling at optimal levels. With the right tools, you can optimize the performance of your cloud-based applications and services.

Integration issues:

Cloud solutions require large amounts of data to be integrated. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to implement a data governance plan to address integration issues. As cloud-based integration grows, new points of failure can arise, causing performance issues. Fortunately, automation can help with these issues.


The economics of cloud computing involves economies of scale and global reach. These factors save organizations a significant amount of money on IT infrastructure costs. Because these costs are spread over many users, cloud providers can buy computing resources at lower prices than organizations themselves can. Companies can also avoid CAPEX costs associated with owning expensive infrastructure by using a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Using cloud computing solutions, companies can reduce their capital costs and increase productivity while maximizing their return on investment.

Competitive differentiation:

To gain a competitive advantage and differentiate your business from your competitors, you need to explain to your customers what material differences exist between your cloud solution and that of your competitor. However, this is easier said than done as the number of cloud solutions is constantly growing. If you want your customers to keep coming back, you need to be able to show them what makes you different. If you have a cloud solution, you should also have the ability to customize the software to your exact needs.

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