Types of Commercial Interior Designs

There are several different types of commercial interior designs. Some are modern, while others are classic or industrial. The style that best suits your company will depend on its purpose, budget, and desired outcome. Read on to learn more about these different types and what they mean for your business. Listed below are four of the most common types of commercial interior designs and how they differ. To choose the right type for your business, you should consider getting help from a commercial interior design company in Dubai.


Commercial interior design can be a tricky business. You need to balance a unique experience and efficiency with cost-efficiency. Design expectations are changing rapidly, so you need to remain on the cutting edge. Here are 3 modern trends to keep in mind:

Color is a popular element in modern commercial interior designs. Adding a bold yellow or blue accent wall to your space can help create an eye-catching focal point. Many new interior designs are environmentally friendly. Back-painting glass can also create a distinctive look and feel for your space. You can even use back-painting to add a splash of color to a window. If you’re not a fan of color, there are several other ways to incorporate it into your design.


The Classic style is an elegant choice for a retail boutique. It combines simple elegance with intricate details. Its clean lines and colossal lighting will capture customers’ attention and create an inviting atmosphere. The classic interiors style is environmentally conscious yet will be pleasing to clients and employees.


If you’re planning to transform your commercial space, industrial interior designs are a great choice. With this design approach, you can bring out the structural core and create a striking and unique interior. You can use contrasting textures and materials to achieve a unique effect. But if you want to keep the look as classic as possible, you can opt for softer touches like soft cushions and dainty decor.


With the recent shift in consumer preferences from off-the-shelf products to highly customized and fully bespoke items, the demand for custom furniture and interior design is increasing. While it was difficult to shop for customized products in the pre-Internet era, today’s sophisticated online ordering tools have made it far easier. This is especially true in the commercial interior design market, seeing an uptick in demand for customized furniture vendors.

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