What Are the Most Common Repairs on Cars?

When it comes to BMW repair in Dubai, there are a few regular maintenance tasks that you must perform. You should change your oil and filter every three to five thousand miles, check your oil filter regularly, and replace the wiper blades whenever they are damaged. You should also replace your car’s air filter, if necessary. Those are the basic maintenance tasks for your vehicle. If you don’t do any of these maintenance tasks, your car might start to wear out or experience other issues.

Oil and filter changes:

A quick and inexpensive way to ensure that your car is in good condition is to change your oil and filter regularly. The oil in your engine is vital to your car’s overall performance, and without changing it regularly, it can wear out prematurely. Oil is a fluid that lubricates engine parts, seals them against water and debris, and transports combustion and air waste products into the engine. As oil wears down, it loses its ability to serve as a lubricant. Additionally, the oil contains additives that neutralize acids, absorb water, and absorb combustion by-products, so once it’s completely used up, it’s no longer effective as a lubricant.

Ignition coils:

A malfunctioning ignition coil can cause a car to stall, backfire, or even not start. This problem can also damage other ignition system components, such as the catalytic converter. Consider subscribing to auto repair pages if you’re not sure if your car needs an ignition coil repair. Spark plugs

Catalytic converter replacement:

The process of replacing your car’s catalytic converter is fairly straightforward. Before replacing the converter, you must replace the oxygen sensor, a bolt that holds the catalytic converter in place, and the catalytic converter itself. Performing this repair yourself can save you money, but it can also take longer if you have rusted bolts or a welded component. It’s worth seeking professional help to ensure your new catalytic converter is secure.


One of the most common repairs to your car is the brakes. A noisy brake indicates the need to replace the pads or shoes. The sooner you get the brakes checked, the better. If the noise does not disappear, it might mean a more serious problem. Getting them checked right away will prevent you from spending a lot of money. When the rotors are warped, you may hear a pulsating sound. Uneven brake rotor surfaces can cause this.

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