What Makes a Good University?

What makes good accredited universities in DubaiThis article will cover the key factors to look for, including shared governance, reasonable tuition fees, scholarships, and location. What’s important to you? You can narrow your search by focusing on just one or a few of these criteria. There’s no one correct answer, but these characteristics should be part of any good university. Read on to discover what matters most to you.

Shared governance

One of the keys to success in shared governance is creating a collaborative culture among the various stakeholders. By establishing clear roles and responsibilities, shared governance creates a shared vision, a sense of responsibility, and an overall sense of accountability. It can foster trust and accountability, necessary to sustain and improve a university. But shared governance is not enough. Faculty members need to be involved as well.

Reasonable tuition fees

To decide where to go to school easier, consider looking at college fees and financial aid. Generally, colleges and universities are required by law to publish the average net price of their programs on their websites. This cost can be used to determine eligibility for financial aid and estimate the cost of attending. The college affordability and transparency center lists details about colleges and universities with the highest and lowest net costs.


Getting a scholarship to attend college can be a challenging process. Thankfully, there are several ways to find the money for college. Many scholarships at a good university are designed to help students pay for their education. Some are one-time awards, while others are renewable and don’t require repayment. To be eligible for these awards, you should be highly qualified for your desired degree program and have strong grades to back it up.


The location of a good university should be a top priority for students, especially if they plan to work in reputed companies. Usually, firms from abroad seek talent in areas that are accessible and nearby. The ranking of a university is considered subordinate, as other factors affect the decision. However, if you have research interests, the location of a university is critical. These are some essential elements that make a university best than its competitors.

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