The Responsibilities of a Good Driver

As a good driver, you have responsibilities. As a good driver, you should always be alert to dangers and hazards. Good drivers should also know how to change their tires in case of an emergency. If you have a car, you should be able to open the bonnet and check the carburetor. It is always better to have a mechanic with you when you’re on the road. If you are looking to hire a driver in Dubai monthly basis, click this link for more info.

Passing a truck

When passing a truck, drivers should avoid staying alongside it. Although passing is necessary, it is also important to give the other driver more space and a clear view of the road ahead. When passing a large truck, drivers should always do so on the left side. They should also signal clearly before passing the truck. Then, drivers should move back into the lane in front of the truck only when they can see the front of the truck in the rearview mirror.

Keeping a safe distance

A good driver has many responsibilities, one of which is keeping a safe distance when following another vehicle. Keeping a safe distance is an important part of your driving habits and one that you should never overlook. If you’re following a car and a bus, for instance, you should allow yourself at least four seconds between your vehicles. This is a good amount of time to react in case of emergency or when another vehicle suddenly stops or makes a sudden turn.

Avoiding a crash

While some crashes may be more serious than others, they all result from unsafe driving. Most accidents are caused by speeding or failure to obey traffic laws. To minimize your chances of hitting an object, every driver should avoid distractions and drive slowly and defensively. Most drivers can do something to avoid a crash: slow down, leave enough space, and wear a seat belt. By following these tips, you can avoid many collisions on the road.


The effects of fatigue on commercial motorcoach drivers are complex. They vary widely from driver to driver, and the effects of fatigue on performance and safety can be difficult to measure. The primary research issue is how to separate the impacts of hours worked from the hours slept. The study also focused on the driver’s habits and schedule, which may have an impact on fatigue. However, the link between fatigue and crashes remains unclear.

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